GaoKe Ant Co.,Ltd established in 1993, registered capital 11.28 million, is a high and new technology enterprise, dealing with wireless communication and develop, produceand sale Satellite communication products professionally. The company has a group of enterprising, innovative, and experienced management personnel.

      Gaoke has the professional R&D team to Research and Develop new products for international market,  focus on designing , researching and producing wireless series products,including GPS antenna,GSM antenna,3G antenna, 4G/LTE antenna,WIFI antenna,GPS/GLONASS antenna,GPS/GSM/3G/4G antenna, RFID antenna,433mhz antenna ,915mhz antenna,2.4Ghz&5.8Ghz antenna,DVB-T antenna .

and we are the professional manufacturer enterprise to provide communication solution. Our company specialize in researching and producing Antenna, Module, Application Solutions, Terminal Products and others. These products widely used for Mobile Phones, Base Station, Automotive Equipment, Modules, and other wireless terminal field and so on. Until now, our company has designed products for hundreds of companies at domestic and international market.

Production facility and Certificate 




l    Built in 1993, our company mainly produces base station of cluster system,antenna for vehicle-mounted machine and handset. Power amplifiers for duplexer, paging devise , base station antennas, filter, isolation machine etc.

l     In1995, our company successfully developed Multiple signalmultiplexing platform , is the first domestic initiation.

l     In1996, develop and produce GSM base station antennas, trunkamplifier and tower amplifier, repeater filter, duplexer , power splitter, couplers.

l    In1998, our company researched and developed base station duplexer for domestic CDMA , is the first domestic initiation.

l     In2000, high power simulation test system are developed successfully for many mobile base stations , is the first domestic initiation.

l    In2001, the domestic intelligent electric adjustable antenna of phase modulation system, is the first domestic initiation.

l    In2002, PHS base station power controller was created by our company.

l    In2005, GPS antenna was researched and developed, which sold pretty good. Our company is one of the first domestic GPS antenna manufacturers.

l     In2006 , we attend in change engineering (moon exploration project),sunspots detection, Meridian engineering , VHF coherent scattering radarproject (The eastern hemisphere space environment foundation integrateddetection meridian chain), ground detection radar and such domestic largeprojects.

l     In 2008 , the year of GPS industry rapid development , our GPS antennas got lots of commend in this industry . And our company became the leader of GPS industry.

l   From 2010, our company constantly to expand our products field, design different kinds of antennas , such as CDMA, GSM, DCS, WIFI and multiple frequency band antenna, and digital TV antenna, wireless monitoring antenna,mobile phone antenna, blue-tooth antennas. Help customers to design production and test platform for wireless products and to set up test specifications .

l  In 2014, Gaoke builds a solid pragmatic foreign platform in all the effort to focus on the antenna, module class and application solutions, application terminal etc products the development, production and sales. Meantime, to commit to expand products to various wireless applications, and achieve good result, for the future to lay solid foundation.